Episode 14: The X Philes

For anyone who has wondered, "What is growing in my fridge?" What do permafrost, hydrothermal vents, and hot springs have in common? They all host fun...View Details

Long before they helped craft Earth's first soils, fungi may have traveled the universe in rudimentary spaceships made of rock. Izzie plunges into the...View Details

Since their emergence hundreds of million years ago, fungi have been helping shape the world we know. Their hyphal history has intertwined with the cr...View Details

If you can't bring yourself to watch the Disney classic "The Little Mermaid" because it doesn't have enough fungi in, then this post is dedicated to y...View Details

Terrestrial fungi are the ones that create the beautiful, delicious mushrooms we know and love, and their spores surround us in the air. But could the...View Details

Ninety percent of all plants on Earth rely on the fungi intertwined in their roots. The plants receive nutrients and water, as well as some other bene...View Details

Fungi aren't limited to soil and compost. Like bacteria, fungi are found in every corner of the human body - from the skin to the gut. In this episode...View Details

Welcome to Season 2 of Morel Dilemma! In Episode 8, Izzie discusses how to safely add mushroom foraging to your list of New Year's resolutions. This e...View Details

Christmas Album Teaser

The snow is falling, frost covers the windows, and mushroom foragers are snuggled up inside, thinking fondly of summer forays, wishing mushroom love c...View Details

First Break

Many natural things ebb as the seasons change. Here in the U.S., winter is on its way, and that means our fungal friends are going to hunker down in t...View Details

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